David Keir Student Hub in for Two Awards

January 2015

The project for Queen’s University Belfast has been shortlisted for an RIBA NI Award, and WAN Education Award.

Queen’s University Belfast recognised the need for teaching spaces to reflect the evolving learning landscape, with large cohort spaces allowing lecturers to move between didactic and collaborative learning modes. They also understood the increasingly fluid relationship between formal and social learning, together with the need to reinvigorate existing buildings and improve space utilisation.

This striking addition to the existing 1950s David Keir Building, along with the refurbished auditorium, combine to form a series of interconnected teaching and learning spaces. Together, they act as a catalyst for the adoption of new pedagogic approaches, whilst connecting to the open courtyard.

The project has been recognised for these prestigious awards for its striking architectural presence, as well as its innovative pedagogic design, within the communal working areas, and lecture theatre.