Osiers Road Construction Update

January 2021

Currently under construction, Osiers Road for Hollybrook Homes and Peabody is a residential led mixed used development.

This major project in Wandsworth will provide 168 new residential units with commercial space within three buildings. A full precast concrete facade system has been utilised which has windows and balcony stub brackets fitted prior to the façade panels being delivered to site. This approach was adopted to speed up the construction process, whilst achieving ahigh-quality façade that can be tested for weathertightness prior to delivery on site.

Our involvement with this project commenced immediately post planning at RIBA Stage3+. Whilst a precast concrete façade system had been proposed as part of the planning application, it soon became apparent that the proposed system had constraints. One of the biggest limitations was the size and locations of the large windows within the panels themselves, as the panels need to be structurally stable and capable of supporting the balconies. This was resolved through a partial redesign of the facades, and by adjusting panel sizes and joint locations.

The construction programme is at a stage where these panels are been assembled onsite, an exciting part of the process. The project is due for completion in July 2022.