New Croydon Housing at Croham Valley Road

January 2021

Banbridge Point is the first of a series of new housing projects we have designed for Trinity Square Developments.

Banbridge Point is a small housing development on Croham Valley Road in South Croydon, inspired by the design aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts suburban villa that is typical of detached houses in this part of London. The project has replaced an existing 1930’s detached house with a new apartment building with nine dwellings. The design of the building has evolved as a contemporary response to the character, scale, and pattern of development in this suburban area of South Croydon.

Banbridge Point is the first in a series of Croydon planning applications from Trinity Square Developments that has reached completion. The design of each development is a variation of the contemporary Arts and Crafts suburban style.

I was initially attracted to the flat at Banbridge Point by the unique design. Its layout, designer kitchen, winter garden, quality bathrooms, and en-suite meant that it was of a much higher quality than any other flats I had viewed. I have also been impressed by the personal level of customer service I have received, to the point where the Managing Director of Trinity Square actually came to see me on the day I took possession of the property.
Olo, Resident of Banbridge Point.