Harrow & Marylebone College, University of Westminster

Retrofit at the University of Westminster facilitates the development of a new generation of creative professionals

This project for the University of Westminster comprises a series of classroom, lecture theatre and administrative refurbishments at their Marylebone and Harrow campuses.

Reconfigured layouts build on the premise of the Connect seating system, first utilised at Loughborough University in 2011, to create adaptable learning environments which promote engagement and interaction between between students and educators. Accommodating both didactic learning and group study, the auditoria at the Harrow campus have been refitted to increase cohort numbers while also improving the learning experience with upgraded acoustics and lighting.

The second floor teaching spaces were re-envisioned as a live news room, allowing for an immersive education experience. Supplemented with a green room with interactive feed to the newsroom, TV and journalism courses benefit from live demonstrations. The learning experience of these live, interactive demonstrations is further reinforced a by the layout of the main teaching space, which creates a centralised forum for interaction and debate.

The accompanying ancillary and circulation spaces have been rejuvenated, providing break out space through standing desks and generating a sense of identity through bold graphics and display screens which reference the creative nature of the campus’s education provision.

At the Marylebone campus the auditoria were similarly upgraded, whilst a new 'Entrepreneur Room' accommodates the flexible working requirements of the ‘teampreneurs’. hot desking and informal break-out spaces are accompanied by sliding whiteboard panels to promote idea generation and generate active learning opportunities for students. A series of refurbished classrooms have new high functioning specifications, providing access to presentation and pin-up on multiple wall services, offering real diversity in teaching layouts: straight benching, starbust, ellipse or horseshoe.

Project Team

Lead Architect: Burwell Architects

Structural: Clarke Bond

Services: Aecom

Quantity Surveyor: Capital PCC

Main Contractor: ARJ Construction/Overbury

Project Data

Construction Completed: 2019

GIA: 1,370 sqm