Three New Lecture Theatres for Imperial College London

January 2020

The most recent examples of the Connect seating system that has been designed and developed by Burwell Architects.

The innovative seating systems have transformed three outdated lecture theatre teaching spaces at Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus. Working with Race Furniture, who are licenced to produced Burwell’s Connect furniture system, and contractor Russell Cawbury, we have totally transformed these spaces , offering a more diverse range of teaching activities; to include group activities with shared digital inputs and outputs.

The School of Mines Lecture Theatre and Roderic Hill Lecture Theatre were completed last year, and the Glenister Lecture Theatre this month. The lecture theatres are the result of considerable pedagogical research that aims to produce active, rather than didactic learning opportunities. Evidence demonstrates that these lecture theatres are booked for teaching more often than traditional raked theatres, and that even when the space is free, students choose to use them for collaborative and private study.